BIAS FX sale – Positive Grid’s new guitar rig app gets its first SALE pricing

BIAS FX logo

As I posted a few weeks ago, Positive Grid created a bit of a splash with their new BIAS FX app when it was first released. The app is undoubtedly a step up in terms of the processing and sound from PG's Positive Grid (although that is still very good in its own right) and links brilliantly with BIAS Amps. For iOs guitar tone-heads, the BIAS combination is undoubtedly a very tempting one. The release of BIAS FX also got a number of existing JamUp pro users a bit hot under the collar. While … [Read more...]

Diode-108 sale – Vibrant Digital Engineering bring a bargain price for their excellent drum machine app

Diode-108 logo

I posted a full review of Diode-108 Drum Machine from Vibrant Digital Engineering when it was first released and I've covered the various updates to the app since then. Diode-108 is – in a virtual sense at least – a ‘classic’ drum machine. It features sample-based drum sounds (you can combine 16 samples to make a full kit) and a pattern-based approach (patterns are a fairly standard 16 steps in length). Patterns can then be chained into a sequence to form a full song. Patterns can be programmed … [Read more...]

IK Multimedia sale – all iOS music apps – and many IAPs – on sale for 4th July week-end

Amplitube logo

As I've mentioned before, I'm not sure anyone really understands just how the App Store pricing model is supposed to work in the long term. The prices work very much in favour of the purchaser and their are some real software bargains to be had amongst the iOS music app category. However, if you are still in the process of building an app collection, things can get even better when sale time arrives... as it does on a regular basis. This time, we have the US 4th of July celebrations to thank … [Read more...]

Navichord giveaway results – 10 winners of chord/harmony exploration app

navichord logo

I did a full review of Navichord here on the Music App Blog some time ago but, as I posted a week or so ago, the app has just had a significant update to v. 1.2.3 adding some very useful new features. While the original release was designed to do one job – it allowed the user to explore chord structures and progressions and possible melodic association – the app is now a pretty well-specified MIDI performance tool and those educational features now also offer things that budding songwriters … [Read more...]

Audiomux 2 review – first look at v.2 of AppBC’s audio over USB app for OSX and Windows

Audiomix logo

I posted a full review of the first release of AppBC's Audiomux iOS music app a few months ago. Audiomux allows you to stream audio between your iOS device and OSX desktop computer using nothing more than the standard USB charging cable that is supplied with your iPad or iPhone. It also complements AppBC's Midimux app that does the same sort of data transfer for MIDI data. Both apps seems to work very well from the off and, used together, they make integrating your iOS music making technology … [Read more...]

DM1 update – Fingerlab update MIDI engine on their iOS drum machine app

DM1 logo

As I posted a while back, Fingerlab released a welcome update to their classic DM1 iOS drum machine app in January bringing the app to v.5.0. This addressed a fairly significant audio issue that many users had experienced under iOS8 but also introduced some other new features and fixes. As a long-term fan of the app, this update was great to see... and it was followed up shortly afterwards by v.5.0.1 that added a cymbal choke option and fixed some IAA issues. However, some users on older iOS … [Read more...]

Tera Synth and microTERA sale – limited-time 50% pricing from VirSyn

tera synth logo

VirSyn make some great iOS music apps...  and they are also pretty good at app sales :-) For a limited time only, two of their rather good iOS synth apps are on sale at 50% of their usual price. Top of my personal list of these VirSyn-shaped bargains would be Tera Synth. Back in August last year when I reviewed Tera Synth, I was very impressed with this iPad-only synth. Right now, at UK£7.99 (50% off the normal price), it is a top-flight iOS synth at a bargain price. It is also easy enough to … [Read more...]

Youisican Guitar updated – further tweaks for iOS guitar tuition programme from Yousician Ltd

yousician logo

As suggested by the title, Yousician Guitar is aimed at guitar players and provides a beginner-to-shredder programme of guitar lessons and exercises in a convenient iOS music app format. I reviewed the app a few months ago here on blog and was impressed with the combination of video instruction and interactive graphics (with a very colourful take on guitar tab) as the main basis of the instruction. However, there is also a very game-like element as the app also uses the microphone input of your … [Read more...]

Music Studio updated – Xewton bring full IAA support to their iOS DAW/sequencer

Music Studio logo

While I'm happy to admit to being a confirmed Cubasis user for my own iOS DAW/sequencer needs (it makes sense for me as I also use Cubase on my desktop), it is far from the only option when it comes to this class of iOS music app. One such alternative is Music Studio from Xewton and developer Alexander Gross. I've not done a full review of the app here on the blog (my bad; it's been around on the App Store since 2010, way before the Music App Blog came into being) but it has always struck me … [Read more...]