SoundPrism Link Edition launched – MIDI performance app gets Ableton Link version

I reviewed SoundPrism Pro – produced by Audanika and currently priced at UK£6.99 – when it was first launched on the Music App Blog. SoundPrism Pro is essentially a MIDI performance app. Rather like apps such as Chordion, Gestrument and Synthecaster (all of which I have reviewed previously on the site), while SoundPrism Pro does include its own audio engine and has a small collection of sounds built in to it, its real strength is as a performance interface that uses the touchscreen to allow the … [Read more...]

MiMiXmini launched – TTrGames bring their Audiobus mixer utility app to iPhone

I have to admit that, on first release, MiMix, from developer TTrGames, passed me by. However, with v.2.0 arriving on the App Store a few months ago, and a somewhat harder promotional push by the development team, it certainly felt like a good time for me to play ‘catch up’ and give the app a full review. MiMix has a tag line of ‘Mixer for Audiobus’ and this pretty much sums up its key function; whatever apps you have sitting within your Audiobus setup (up to a maximum of eight, although as … [Read more...]

Modstep updated – AppBC refine their iOS MIDI sequencer for iPad

Regular iOS music makers will be familiar with AppBC as the developer behind the Studiomux app which was updated recently. Like Music IO, Studiomux provides a mean of streaming both MIDI and audio data between your desktop music system and your iOS music system using nothing more than your standard iOS USB/charging cable. While this technology is still relatively new, it works pretty well once you have got your head around what's required within your desktop DAW/sequencer to get the best out of … [Read more...]

AUFX Series updates – further refinements for all the AUFX audio effects apps

As regular readers here will already know, I'm a bit of a fan of the iOS music apps produced by Jonatan Liljedahl under his Kymatica brand. As well as the brilliant Sector, Jonatan is also the developer behind the very impressive AUFX series of apps, a suite of audio effects apps, all available at pocket money prices but with a performance that is anything but cheap and nasty. I've reviewed AUFX:Space (a reverb), AUFX:Dub (a delay), AUFX:PeakQ (an EQ) and AUFX:Push (a dynamics effects) … [Read more...]

BIAS Amp update – tweaks for Positive Grid’s amp designer app for iOS

If you are a guitar playing iOs musician, there are lots of iOS music apps aimed very squarely at you. This includes a number of guitar rig simulation apps and I did a round up article covering the leading contenders in that field just a few weeks ago. One app that sort of fits in that category is BIAS Amp (and the separate BIAS Amp for iPhone version) from Positive Grid. I say 'sort of' because these apps are not really about your entire (virtual) guitar rig but just once component of it; … [Read more...]

Different Drummer update – Techné Media add Ableton Link support to their powerful drum/groove/music generator app

I've reviewed a lot of iOS music apps that fall into the drum or percussion category here on the Music App Blog. One slightly left-field option is Techné Media's Different Drummer. The app is packed with features, hugely flexible (it's as much an electronic music production system as just a drum app) and can produce some fabulous, pattern-based grooves. It is not, however, perhaps the easiest of apps to get your head around as a new user.... That said, it is a lot of fun to explore and … [Read more...]

iVCS3 updated – apeSoft’s emulation of classic synth gets Ableton Link support

As I've mentioned before, one of the iOS synth apps that I find a bit 'scary' is apeSoft's remarkable emulation of EMS's original VSC3 hardware synth from 1969; the iVSC3. It does sound fabulous. I know this because I've used it, explored the presets and had a jolly good time doing so....  but as for then rolling my own...? Well, let's just say I'm a better guitar player than esoteric synth programmer shall we? That said, there are lots of synth-heads out there who have really taken to the … [Read more...]

NS1 review – new iOS synth app arrives with AU support

I did some revisions to my ‘best iOS synths apps’ roundup article not so long ago. If there is one category of iOS music app in which we have a smorgasbord of choice, this is it and, amongst them, are some absolute gems. In that context, therefore, it is now a pretty brave developer who dips a tentative toe in the market. Yes, there are some of iOS musicians who will happily just hoover up every new synth app (and App Store pricing makes this an addiction that is fairly affordable compared to … [Read more...]

DrumPerfect bundle – leading iOS virtual drummer app gets bundle pricing

Marinus Molengraft's excellent DrumPerfect was a shoe-in for my personal top ten iOS music apps of 2014 list.  It might not yet have all the bells and whistles found in desktop virtual drummers such as BFD3 or Superior Drummer 2, but it is the most realistic acoustic drum performance that you can get under iOS and, under the hood, has some very clever programming to deliver great performances without a massive CPU or sample storage overhead. The much-awaited follow-up to DrumPerfect - … [Read more...]