AUFX Series updated – all get set for iOS8

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As regular readers here will already know, I'm a bit of a fan of the iOS music apps produced by Jonatan Liljedahl under his Kymatica brand. As well and the brilliant Sector, Jonatan is also the developer behind the very impressive AUFX series of apps, a suite of audio effects apps, all available at pocket money prices but with a performance that is anything but cheap and nasty. I've reviewed AUFX:Space (a reverb), AUFX:Dub (a delay) and AUFX:PeakQ (an EQ) before on the blog and all are … [Read more...]

Sector update – Jonatan Liljedahl’s brilliant loop mashing app gets iOS8 ready

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I reviewed Jonatan Liljedahl's Sector when it was first released back in February. In short, I was hugely impressed by what it can offer. Sector is a bit of a difficult app to classify and describe but, in essence, it takes an audio loop, slices it (into 'sectors') and then allows you to reassemble and manipulate those sectors (slices) in various ingenious ways. If you are the kind of person that either likes to mangle their audio loops or who just wants to extract the absolute creative … [Read more...]

hearEQ update – Ten Kettles bring new features to their EQ ear-training app

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One area that lots of recording musicians find difficult is in mixing and a major element of this – both for newbies and, it has to be said, even for the more experienced – can be applying suitable EQ to your various tracks so that the mix sounds balanced and reproduces reasonably well on different playback systems. While your ability to achieve this depends upon the suitability of your monitoring system, it also requires well educated ears. Fortunately, the App Store has some apps for that … [Read more...]

Six appeal? – Apple launch the iPhone 6

iphone 6 front

If you are a bit of an Apple fan (and, to some extent, I guess you must be to be here in the first place given that iOS is a pretty dominant force when it comes to mobile music making), then you will undoubtedly have seen the various press releases surrounding the iPhone 6 launch this week. And if you are really in the Apple-nerd category (yep, me too....) then you may well have sat through the launch event video on the Apple website to get all the details. While the event mentioned iOS8 in … [Read more...]

Different Drummer update – Techné Media’s iOS music app reaches v.3

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I've reviewed a lot of iOS music apps here on the Music App Blog since I first launched the site back in March 2012. However, there are a lot of music apps on the iTunes App Store; seriously, a lot! And, as I'm happy to acknowledge (as yesterday with Yonac's Magellan synth), I haven't reviewed them all. Too many apps and not enough hours in the day... Amongst all the reviews I have done, however, there have been a good number of drum or percussion apps. Some are perhaps targeted at electronic … [Read more...]

Magellan update – Yonac update their iPad synth for iOS8

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Yonac's Magellan synth has been around on the iTunes App Store for a long time - it was released back in August 2012 - and, while it was one of the first iOS music apps that I purchased for my iPad, much to my shame, I've never got around to reviewing it for the Music App Blog (although I have reviewed Yonac's ToneStack guitar amp sim which is rather good). Magellan is a bit of a classic in iOS music app terms and, graphically, it has the vibe of an retro analog hardware synth. It is … [Read more...]

Sonic Port VX launched – Line 6 take the Sonic Port to the next level

sonic port vx close up side view

If you are on one of the Line 6 email lists then you will have seen the press release in the last couple of days announcing the immediate launch of the Sonic Port VX. This is a brand new product, taking the basic design of the original Sonic Port, and expanding it to include more input/output options and mono and stereo microphone recording. With a street price of around UK£140 - and available now from retailers - the spec looks very interesting.... As I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan … [Read more...]

ThumbJam update – Sonosaurus get their classic iOS music app ready for iOS8

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There are a few iOS music apps that have a sort of 'classic' status and ThumbJam - by developer Sonosaurus - is most definitely one of them. Perhaps the thing that makes the app stand out from the iOS music app crowd is the rather wonderful way in which the playing interface has been implemented and, while the app is still a little quirky in some respects,the playing experience makes brilliant use of the touchscreen and allows you to squeeze maximum expression out of the sample-based sounds. … [Read more...]