Vandelay giveaway – Klevgränd Produktion provide 5 copies of their creative delay app

Vandelay logo

I reviewed Vandelay from Klevgränd Produktion earlier this week on the blog and was hugely impressed with the creative possibilities it provides. Feed it even the most simple of drum beats and, because of the three frequency bands that can each be allocated different delay times, you can create all sorts of interesting variations from it. It will also do conventional delay treatments if you just focus on a single band. The app sounds great and, with Audiobus, IAA and iOS8 support from the … [Read more...]

zMors giveaway – 5 copies up for grabs of analog modelling synth from Sven Braun

zmors logo

I first reviewed Sven Braun's iOS music app zMors just over a year ago here on the Music App Blog. zMors provides a virtual analog synth environment with four independent channels (that is, you have four instances of the synth engine built into a single app) so you can use up to four different sounds at any one time. Each of these synth channels has dual wave oscillators, an LFO, envelope and filter, while the oscillators have octave, tune, amp envelope, pan, mix (to balance between the two … [Read more...]

Flying Haggis giveaway – db audioware provide 5 free copies of their guitar amp sim

flying haggis logo

There are a number of very good guitar amp sim apps available for iOS and some of them, as well as sounding good, are also very well featured. However, if you like to keep things simple - perhaps you just like the 'classic' way of working involving an amp, a cab and a few stomp boxes then Flying Haggis might be more your thing. I reviewed this somewhat alternative take on the software recreation of a guitar rig when it was released back in March. While is is perhaps most obviously aimed at … [Read more...]

Igor Vasiliev giveaway results – bumper winner list for Igor’s audio effects apps

AltiSpace logo

Regular readers here will be very familiar with indie developer Igor Vasiliev and his excellent range of iOS music apps. These include Master Record, Audio Mastering, Master FX and AltiSpace, all of which I have reviewed previously here on the blog. They are all excellent tools and offer brilliant value for money. All of Igor's apps were updated a week or so ago to bring iOS8 compatibility. All fours apps therefore have up-to-date Audiobus support including the State Saving features and all … [Read more...]

Inside an iPad Air 2 – this makes me wince!

iPad Air 2 launch 3

I posted my own initial thoughts about the new iPad Air 2 last week after Apple's launch event for the new iteration of their iconic tablet. While I was more than happy with the various improvements that Apple announced to the specification of the new device - faster CPU, faster graphics performance, nicer screen, better cameras, pricing, etc. - I was left uncertain (and fearing the worst) when Apple made no mention of how much RAM. My current iPad Air 1 has 1GB of RAM and, while I'm more … [Read more...]

csSpectral review – Boulanger Labs multi-effects app for the experimental iOS musician

csspectral logo

iOS is beginning to acquire a rather impressive collection of audio effects apps. While you can, of course, ‘share’ an audio effect app between several sound sources if you can use it as a send-return effect via IAA within your DAW/sequencer of choice, in other contexts – used within Audiobus or as an IAA insert on a single track – the ‘one instance only’ limitation of iOS means that owning multiple affects apps is an advantage. Unlike on the desktop, under iOS, you can’t open several instances … [Read more...]

Holderness Media app updates – Caramel and Crystalline updated

Caramel logo

If you are a dedicated iOS music app fan then you will probably already be familiar with Christopher Rice and the range of audio effects apps he has created for iOS musicians under his Holderness Media moniker. These included Echo Pad, Swoopster, Stereo Designer, Caramel and Crystalline; all are insanely cheap (UK£2.99 each), wonderfully creative (thanks to the rather nifty user interface that share many common features between the various apps) and are great for both live performance and … [Read more...]

Fiddlewax Pro giveaway results – 5 winners of innovative song creation app

fiddlewax pro logo 2

I reviewed the rather interesting Fiddlewax Pro (£UK13.99) last week on the Music App Blog. As a tool set for capturing the basic nub of a song or tune idea though, Fiddlewax Pro could be an excellent choice. If you want to sketch out a chord progression and experiment with (harmonically correct!) melody lines and add in a groove to get a new composition started, then Fiddlewax have put together a very neat set of tools and managed to (just about) squeeze them all into a single screen. If … [Read more...]

Vandelay review – Klevgränd Produktion bring a touch of echo magic to iOS

Vandelay logo

If you have been paying attention (wake up at the back!) over recent months then you will have seen the review of the rather minimalist – but also rather wonderful – SquashIt from Klevgränd Produktion. SquashIt is an audio effect app that provides a three-band distortion effect and, what it lacks in masses of controls, it makes up for is sound and ease of use. Indeed, at a current price of UK£1.99, it easily qualifies as a bargain and, as Audiobus support has been added to the app since I did … [Read more...]