The iOS music technology industry – and being not quite mainstream

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This is a slightly different article to the usual news, reviews and tutorials I generally provide on the Music App Blog and perhaps more of a discussion piece. It’s prompted by a combination of three separate news-type stories got me thinking this week and pondering the current status of iOS (or maybe that should be lack of it?) as a platform for musicians and, if you make it to the end (!) then I'd be interested in your views.... Small is beautiful? Those of us who have used the iOS … [Read more...]

DrumPerfect giveaway – 3 copies of virtual drum app by Marinus Molengraft up for grabs

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Under iOS, while we have lots of sample-based drum tools. However, if you want the sound of a real acoustic drum kit and a real drummer, but in an app format, then there is really only one current contender; DrumPerfect by Marinus Molengraft. Marinus released the first significant update a week or so ago and I covered this here on the blog. The potential of DrumPerfect has been considerable from day 1 and now - particularly with the new Grid editor options - it is easier to capitalise on that … [Read more...]

Figure update – Propellerhead release v.1.6 with some new features

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If you read my original review of Propellerhead’s Figure music app you will know that I’m a bit of a fan. Indeed, if I'm in a 'I've 5 minutes to kill and want to make some music' kind of a situation, Figure is my go-to app on my iPhone. I love the simplicity and the brilliance of the user interface. Propellerhead added Audiobus support for Figure some time ago and they are now back with a further update - to v.1.6 - which brings a few further improvements. Aside from a few minor bug fixes, … [Read more...]

Audiobus 2 vs IAA performance experiments – squeeze until dry?

iOS7 v4

Having reviewed Audiobus 2 on release, last week I reported the results of a very unscientific experiment to see just how far I could push my iPad Air using Audiobus 2 and, once I’d reached a comfortable limit, attempted to see how close I could (or couldn’t) get to that performance on my older iPad 3. The results were interesting and, while there was no great methodology behind what I attempted – I just piled in with a collection of apps in what, for me, might be a typical music project – I … [Read more...]

midiSequencer giveaway results

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I posted a news item about the latest update to the midiSequencer app by Tony Saunders last week. The v.1.5 update added some significant new features and, if you want to explore what a step-based sequencer might have to offer, this is a very straightforward introduction to the format but also has plenty of options to keep you interested. Tony very kindly provided me with three copies to give away to readers of the blog. Entries closed yesterday and the winning names were drawn at random out … [Read more...]

FunkBox giveaway results

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One of my favourite virtual drum box apps - FunkBox - got its first significant update in quite a while last week. FunkBox was always a very cool, fun, and easy-to-use virtual drum machine. It has a very useable collection of classic drum machine kits and good pattern editing and performance features (the 'roll' button, for example). With this update, Synthetic Bits have bought FunkBox right up-to-date in terms of iOS music production technology by adding support for both IAA and Audiobus 2, … [Read more...]

AmpliTube Orange for iPad review – IK Multimedia create a warm, fuzzy glow for iOS guitarists

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I like to think that I’m pretty open minded about my guitar sounds and, while I have a couple of favourite guitars, a trusty amp and a couple of digital guitar amp modelling devices that I generally go to as a first choice starting point, I’m more than happy to employ different tools if they suit the task in hand. Fortunately (for me and other iOS guitar players), on my iPhone or iPad, when it comes to guitar amp modelling software, there are plenty of very good choices with Mobile POD, BIAS, … [Read more...]

Multitrack DAW review – compact iOS DAW from Harmonicdog

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If you have hung around these pages before you will probably be aware that my iOS weapon of choice for recording purposes is generally Steinberg’s Cubasis. This is, of course, a personal choice; Cubasis just happens to fit my particular needs. There are, however, plenty of other excellent iOS music production apps out there; Auria (which I also use), Garageband (a brilliant introduction to music production for any newbie musician with an iOS device), apps such as Caustic, NanoStudio or Gadget … [Read more...]