hearEQ review – EQ ear-training app from Ten Kettles

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While iOS music apps tend to be things that allow you to make, record or manipulate sound, there are also a good crop of ‘utility’ apps available via the iTunes App Store that are aimed at musicians. These might fall into a number of types but one category would be instructional apps. For example, I’ve looked at apps such as Chordology (a chord dictionary), TempoTeacher (I’ll let you guess), Jamn (music theory), Sing inTuna (ah!), Erol Singer’s Studio (voice training), SongSheet (mobile song … [Read more...]

Sector sale – Jonatan Liljedahl’s brilliant slice sequencer going cheap

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I reviewed Jonatan Liljedahl's Sector when it was first released back in February. Sector is a bit of a difficult app to classify and describe but, in essence, it takes an audio loop, slices it (into 'sectors') and then allows you to reassemble and manipulate those sectors (slices) in various ingenious ways. If you are the kind of person that either likes to mangle their audio loops or who just wants to extract the absolute creative maximum from every audio loop in your collection, Sector is … [Read more...]

Final Touch sale – Positive Gird’s mastering app at a bargain price

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If you have already seen the Final Touch review that I put up on the site a few week ago then you will be aware that this is an impressive app from one of the leading music app developers within the iOS world. Final Touch can't do magic (no mastering software can) and turn a duff mix into a chart beater but, with a decent mix to start with and a good dose of common sense, it can help you enhance your mix and get the most impact from it without resulting in any obvious audio artefacts. If you … [Read more...]

Sugar Bytes sale – Thesys, WOW Filterbox, Effectrix and Turnado all on sale

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I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of the iOS apps produced by Sugar Bytes and I've reviewed, Thesys, Turnado, Effectrix and WOW Filterbox on the blog in the past. These are all brilliant and I use all of them on a regular basis (as well as the desktop versions of Turnado and Thesys). Sugar Bytes are currently having a sale on all their software products. This is mainly targeted at the desktop products which, for the next two days, are all 50% off. However, the sale also seems to … [Read more...]

The iOS music technology industry – and being not quite mainstream

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This is a slightly different article to the usual news, reviews and tutorials I generally provide on the Music App Blog and perhaps more of a discussion piece. It’s prompted by a combination of three separate news-type stories got me thinking this week and pondering the current status of iOS (or maybe that should be lack of it?) as a platform for musicians and, if you make it to the end (!) then I'd be interested in your views.... Small is beautiful? Those of us who have used the iOS … [Read more...]

DrumPerfect giveaway – 3 copies of virtual drum app by Marinus Molengraft up for grabs

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Under iOS, while we have lots of sample-based drum tools, if you want the sound of a real acoustic drum kit and a real drummer, but in an app format, then there is really only one current contender; DrumPerfect by Marinus Molengraft. Marinus released the first significant update a week or so ago and I covered this here on the blog. The potential of DrumPerfect has been considerable from day 1 and now - particularly with the new Grid editor options - it is easier to capitalise on that … [Read more...]

Figure update – Propellerhead release v.1.6 with some new features

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If you read my original review of Propellerhead’s Figure music app you will know that I’m a bit of a fan. Indeed, if I'm in a 'I've 5 minutes to kill and want to make some music' kind of a situation, Figure is my go-to app on my iPhone. I love the simplicity and the brilliance of the user interface. Propellerhead added Audiobus support for Figure some time ago and they are now back with a further update - to v.1.6 - which brings a few further improvements. Aside from a few minor bug fixes, … [Read more...]

Audiobus 2 vs IAA performance experiments – squeeze until dry?

iOS7 v4

Having reviewed Audiobus 2 on release, last week I reported the results of a very unscientific experiment to see just how far I could push my iPad Air using Audiobus 2 and, once I’d reached a comfortable limit, attempted to see how close I could (or couldn’t) get to that performance on my older iPad 3. The results were interesting and, while there was no great methodology behind what I attempted – I just piled in with a collection of apps in what, for me, might be a typical music project – I … [Read more...]