Tin Pan Rhythm update – new features for songwriting aid and auto-accompaniment app

As well as all those amazing synths, drum machines, guitar rig sims, audio effects and recording apps, the App Store also has its fair share of what might best be described as musical utility apps. Tin Pan Rhythm – from developer Tin Pan – and that I reviewed on launch back in May, falls into this latter category and, as I indicated in that initial review, this is a clever little app. The title is apt for the app as, while it is unlikely that you might create a complete song using just this … [Read more...]

Holderness Media updates – Christopher Rice tweaks some (all?) of his IOS effects apps

I've reviewed all of Christopher Rice's Holderness Media iOS music apps here on the blog. Without a doubt, Chris is one of the good guys when it comes to indie developers for iOS musicians and all of his apps offer a brilliant combination of great creative options, ease of use and what are, in music technology terms, pocket-money pricing. So, whether it is EchoPad (creative delay-based effects), Caramel (distortion), Swoopster (a creative flanger/phaser), Crystalline (off-the-wall reverbs), … [Read more...]

PressIt review – Klevgränd Produktion add a multi-band compressor to their iOS music app line-up

I've reviewed Vandelay, Squashit, Svep, Roverb, Enkl and, most recently, Korvpressor from Klevgränd Produktion previously on the blog and, in each case, was hugely impressed with the creative possibilities that these apps provide. They are also very very competitively priced and any of these would be worth including within your iOS audio app collection. Korvpressor provided a very easy-to-use, but rather nice sounding, single-band compressor app with Audiobus and IAA support. … [Read more...]

Different Drummer update – Techné Media add Audiobus Remote and other tweaks to their rhythm and music generator app

I've reviewed a lot of iOS music apps that fall into the drum or percussion category here on the Music App Blog. One slightly left-field option is Techné Media's Different Drummer. I have to admit that this is one app that I'm not sure my brain is quite up to....  it's most certainly capable of making some brilliant sounds through. Different Drummer is packed with features, hugely flexible (it's as much an electronic music production system as just a drum app) and can produce some fabulous, … [Read more...]

hearEQ update – Ten Kettles tweak their EQ ear-training app

I first reviewed hearEQ by Ten Kettles back in April 2014 soon after it was released. Essentially, this app provides an EQ training utility. It is very easy to use with a clear and simple design and, providing you have the self-discipline to spend time using it, for a chump change price (the app is currently UK£2.29 and offers a couple of inexpensive IAPs to expand the feature set), it will undoubtedly help improve your listening skills and your ability to identify specific frequency ranges when … [Read more...]

midiLFOs update – first update for midi modulation ‘toy’ from developer Art Kerns

If developer Art Kern’s name sounds a little familiar then, for iOS musicians of a more long-standing nature, it is probably because Art is part of the Synthetic Bits development team that makes the excellent Funkbox drum machine app. Obviously liking to keep himself busy, Art has also been working on a side-project more recently and that product landed on the App Store back in July when I first took a look at it; midiLFOs. Don't let the bold colour scheme, and the word ‘toy’ in the app’s … [Read more...]

Diode-108 update – Vibrant Digital Engineering’s excellent drum machine app gets some tweaks

I posted a full review of Diode-108 Drum Machine from Vibrant Digital Engineering when it was first released and I've covered the updates since then. Diode-108 is – in a virtual sense at least – a ‘classic’ drum machine. It features sample-based drum sounds (you can combine 16 samples to make a full kit) and a pattern-based approach (patterns are a fairly standard 16 steps in length). Patterns can then be chained into a sequence to form a full song. Patterns can be programmed via a pattern grid … [Read more...]

Dehumaniser review – no, it’s not a music app but it does need Audiobus support

Given that I'm always attempting to play 'catch up' with all the new iOS music production app releases and updates here on the blog, I have deliberately steered clear of things that are perhaps of marginal interest to the site's readership. However, I was contacted by Matthew Collings of developer Krotos Ltd about their upcoming iOS app a week or so ago and, while this is most certainly not a 'music' app in any sense, the idea behind the app did pique my interest. Anyway, the app - … [Read more...]

MiMix review – TTrGames move their Audiobus mixer utility app to v.2

I have to admit that, on first release, MiMix, from developer TTrGames, passed me by. However, with v.2.0 arriving on the App Store a week or so ago, and a somewhat harder promotional push by the development team, it certainly felt like a good time for me to play ‘catch up’ and give the app a bit of a spin. MiMix has a tag line of ‘Mixer for Audiobus’ and this pretty much sums up its key function; whatever apps you have sitting within your Audiobus setup (up to a maximum of eight, although as … [Read more...]