Vandelay review – Klevgränd Produktion bring a touch of echo magic to iOS

Vandelay logo

If you have been paying attention (wake up at the back!) over recent months then you will have seen the review of the rather minimalist – but also rather wonderful – SquashIt from Klevgränd Produktion. SquashIt is an audio effect app that provides a three-band distortion effect and, what it lacks in masses of controls, it makes up for is sound and ease of use. Indeed, at a current price of UK£1.99, it easily qualifies as a bargain and, as Audiobus support has been added to the app since I did … [Read more...]

Erol Singer’s Studio updated – Erol Studios’s singing tuition app gets iOS8 support

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Way back in April of last year, I did a review of Erol Studio's iOS music app titled Erol Singer's Studio. Tutorial and/or music tuition apps are somewhat at the unglamorous end of the iOS music app spectrum but that doesn't mean they aren't both worth owning or capable of providing excellent value for money. Erol Singer's Studio is a case in point. Priced at UK£10.49 (and with some IAPs you can add at a modest additional cost), the app aims to help you to improve and develop your singing via … [Read more...]

Fiddlewax Pro update – new features for innovative song creation app

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I reviewed the rather interesting Fiddlewax Pro (£UK13.99) last week on the Music App Blog. As a tool set for capturing the basic nub of a song or tune idea though, Fiddlewax Pro could be an excellent choice. If you want to sketch out a chord progression and experiment with (harmonically correct!) melody lines and add in a groove to get a new composition started, then Fiddlewax have put together a very neat set of tools and managed to (just about) squeeze them all into a single … [Read more...]

zMors updated – 4 channel analog modelling synth from Sven Braun gets iOS8 support

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I first reviewed Sven Braun's iOS music app zMors just over a year ago here on the Music App Blog. zMors provides a virtual analog synth environment with four independent channels (that is, you have four instances of the synth engine built into a single app) so you can use up to four different sounds at any one time. Each of these synth channels has dual wave oscillators, an LFO, envelope and filter, while the oscillators have octave, tune, amp envelope, pan, mix (to balance between the two … [Read more...]

Flying Haggis update – db audioware take their guitar amp sim to iOS8

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There are a number of very good guitar amp sim apps available for iOS and some of them, as well as sounding good, are also very well featured. However, if you like to keep things simple - perhaps you just like the 'classic' way of working involving an amp, a cab and a few stomp boxes - then all those options might just get in the way. That's where an app like Flying Haggis might come in. I reviewed this somewhat alternative take on the software recreation of a guitar rig when it was released … [Read more...]

iOS8.1 update – Is it safe to come out from behind the sofa yet?

audiobus ios8

As announced at the Apple Event last week, yesterday saw iOS8.1 become available for download via iTunes. As I commented last week, while 8.1 includes some new features aimed at features of both the new iPad hardware and the 'continuity' elements between iOS and the new OSX release Yosemite, I'm sure there are lots of iOS musicians who are hoping that there might also be some under-the-hood changes aimed at the various issues they have encountered with running their favourite iOS music … [Read more...]

MIDI on iOS – taming the mess

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If what remains of your hair (!) is mostly grey, then the odds are you might remember the wonder of MIDI’s first appearance. Having been subject to various bits of development work for a couple of years (and with a significant contribution from Sequential Circuits, makers of the Prophet synth so recently modelled from iOS as the iProphet), the first Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) standard/specification was published in 1983 after having been agreed on by companies such as Roland, … [Read more...]

iFretless Brass giveaway results – one winner of Blue Mangoo’s latest release

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I posted a full review of Blue Mangoo's excellent iFretless Brass iOS music app yesterday. If you need some high-quality traditional brass sounds in your iOS music productions, then this is a pretty good way to get them. Like the equally excellent iFretless Bass, iFretless Guitar and iFretless Sax iOS music apps, iFretless Brass combines a guitar-like performance surface that allows you to add various types of performance expression (particularly slides and vibrato) and a very respectable set … [Read more...]

BIAS Desktop launched – Postive Grid port their amp designer from iOS to the desktop

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Lots of iOS owning guitar players - myself included - have become big fans of Positive Grid's BIAS iOS music app since it was released about a year ago. BIAS provides a virtual 'guitar amp design kit' where you can custom build your own amp, changing a whole range of settings and swapping in different components to craft your perfect tone. And while you can use BIAS as your sole source of guitar tones (it includes speaker/mic emulation), the other rather wonderful aspect is that amp models … [Read more...]