birdStepper review – iOS audio effects app with parameter modulation from birdSound

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Last summer I posted a review of the TempoTeacher app by developer birdSound. As the name suggests, this app was a music tuition app and, while it serves as a very respectable metronome in its own right, it has the twist of being able to test how well you are sticking to a set tempo. birdSound have, however, continued to work on other apps and their latest release is birdStepper. This was released on the iTunes App Store this week and falls into the ‘IOS audio effects app’ category. So, … [Read more...]

Jam Maestro giveaway – David Blake donates 5 copies for Music App Blog readers

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I posted a mini-review of the new v.3 release of Jam Maestro earlier in the week having reviewed both the original release and the v.2 update some while ago on the blog. Jam Maestro has always been an interesting 'guitarist-friendly compositional tool' but, with v.3, it has moved some significant steps forward, providing support for up to 16 virtual instruments including 3rd party MIDI apps or IAA synths, support for IAA effects, Audiobus 2 with State Saving and a much wider selection of guitar, … [Read more...]

Audulus update – modular synthesis app from Subatomic Software goes universal and is on sale

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As any experienced iOS musician will be aware, like their desktop equivalents, software synths for iOS come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and serve different needs. At their most basic, you get what are essentially preset machines that offer a broad palette of sounds but little by way of user programmability (sample-based ‘synths’ that perhaps just offer a few tweaks; perfectly useable but maybe not very flexible). Perhaps more interesting – at least to those with a keener interest in … [Read more...]

hearEQ giveaway – 5 copies of EQ ear-training app from Ten Kettles up for grabs

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I posted a review of hearEQ from Ten Kettles a couple of days ago. This app provides a very straightforward DIY training and testing environment for you to brush up and improve your ability to identify different frequency bands and, when it comes to mixing, knowing where to go with your equaliser controls to cut or boost just the required frequencies for a particular sound, can really speed up the process. And while hearEQ is unlikely to break anyone's bank, it's always nice to win something … [Read more...]

Jam Maestro updated – David Blake releases v.3 with lots of new features

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I reviewed the Jam Maestro music app about a year ago for the blog and, while at one level, it is a 'playable' guitar instrument (actually, a playable guitar, bass and drums instrument), at another it offers a slightly more unique function as a tab-based composition tool. This is great for working up guitar-based demos or song ideas while on the move and the tab-based sequencing environment is going to feel like a fairly friendly place for most self-taught guitar players. David Blake - Jam … [Read more...]

SongSheet update – significant update to song chart cataloguing software from iSharp

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 Whether you are a songwriter, or a musician who plays in a gigging band doing lots of functions (weddings, parties, etc.) and have to have access to a wide repertoire of songs to suit the occasion (or requests from the floor), trying to keep all those songs – and all those chord charts – in your head is an accident waiting to happen. Most of us resort to a notebook or binder/folder of some sort but this is an accident waiting to get lost (if you know what I mean), is not easy to backup and … [Read more...]

DrumPerfect giveaway results

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Under iOS we have lots of sample-based drum tools. However, if you want the sound of a real acoustic drum kit and a real drummer, but in an app format, then there is really only one current contender; DrumPerfect by Marinus Molengraft. Marinus released the first significant update a week or so ago and I covered this here on the blog. The potential of DrumPerfect has been considerable from day 1 and now - particularly with the new Grid editor options - it is easier to capitalise on that … [Read more...]

hearEQ review – EQ ear-training app from Ten Kettles

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While iOS music apps tend to be things that allow you to make, record or manipulate sound, there are also a good crop of ‘utility’ apps available via the iTunes App Store that are aimed at musicians. These might fall into a number of types but one category would be instructional apps. For example, I’ve looked at apps such as Chordology (a chord dictionary), TempoTeacher (I’ll let you guess), Jamn (music theory), Sing inTuna (ah!), Erol Singer’s Studio (voice training), SongSheet (mobile song … [Read more...]