midiSequencer SALE – Tony Saunders retro-inspired, but well featured, MIDI sequencer app at a bargain price

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Styled on the analog sequencers of old, midiSequencer provides a step-based sequencing environment, with 16-steps where you can adjust pitch, velocity, gate, MIDI channel and a range of MIDI parameters over the 16 steps, all using some very retro-looking virtual faders. You also get tempo control, transpose functions, the ability to change the way a pattern steps through the sequence (there are some very flexible options here), add ornamentation and, of course, send your MIDI sequence out to a … [Read more...]

iRig 2 released – IK Multimedia’s upgraded iRig now available

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As a guitar player who also happened to own an iPhone, I think it was seeing the original IK Multimedia iRig being used that really got me interested in iOS as a platform for the music technology geek within me. Indeed, it was one of the first bits of iOS hardware that I eventually got around to reviewing here on the blog back in April 2012. As a dedicated add-on for your iOS device, the iRig was a bit of a revolution for the OS, opening the eyes of many guitar players (and other musicians I … [Read more...]

Anytune Pro update – new features for excellent music practice app

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Way back in 2012, I reviewed Anytune Pro HQ by Anystone Technologies. Anytune Pro HQ - which was subsequently renamed as Anytune Pro+ - is a very interesting and very useful utility app. It allows you to take any audio file on your iOS device and adjust either the playback speed or playback pitch (or both). Of course, the main application of these functions would be so you could slow a song down to more easily work out what is being played and so teach yourself how to play a particular … [Read more...]

Scythe update – iOS synth from Plastaq Software gets fewer bugs and more help

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I reviewed Scythe from Plastaq Software here on the blog a couple of weeks ago. Scythe is an iPad only app and requires iOS8.0 or later. At 3MB, it’s a download that ought to fit even on a well-stocked device. The app includes Audiobus support, IAA support (as an audio generator) and seems happy enough to receive MIDI from other sources such as a sequencer app or an external MIDI keyboard. Scythe is not the deepest iOS synth app you can find on the App Store, however, it is very capable and … [Read more...]

iRig Pads review – Trigger pad MIDI controller for iOS, OSX and Windows from IK Multimedia

Note the text associated with each pad and which can help guide you as you edit the hardware's configuration.

If you are fond of programming your own drum beats or use a beat/groove production app such as BeatHawk or iMPC Pro for creating your iOS rhythms, then the idea of using a dedicated set of hardware drum trigger pads can be an attractive one. There are a number of MIDI controller keyboards that include drum pads within their additional controls but, to get a full set of the standard 16 pad grid format included within a keyboard, you generally have to buy a keyboard that is of a larger format. … [Read more...]

Photophore Synth updated – Taika Systems add further features to their iPad synth

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I reviewed Photophore Synth from Taika Systems a few months back on the blog. Photophore is designed for iPad, requires iOS7.0 or later and is an 11MB download. At the time of writing, the app is priced at a modest UK£5.99. It includes Audiobus and IAA support as well as support for CoreMIDI. You can, therefore, play the app from an external keyboard or send it MIDI data from another iOS music app. I was impressed with the app and there is a lot to like about Photophore. The synth engine is … [Read more...]

Echo Pad update – and Holderness Media ‘bundle’ bargain

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I originally reviewed Echo Pad over a year ago and was very impressed with the creative effects it offered. Christopher Rice of Holderness Media describes Echo Pad (UK£3.99) as a multi-effects processor app and, while it can be made to do some more conventional effects treatments (particularly in terms of delays), it is perhaps much more about creative or special effects – effects that are most definitely there to be noticed – rather than a bit of subtle treatment to help a sound ‘sit’ in a … [Read more...]

Different Drummer update – Techné Media add further new features as app reaches v.3.3.1

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I've reviewed a lot of iOS music apps that fall into the drum or percussion category here on the Music App Blog. One slightly left-field option is Techné Media's Different Drummer. I've never done a full review of the app. It's not that it isn't very good - it is - it's more an admission on my part that I'm not sure my brain is quite up the task of mastering all the things the app has to offer :-) This is not one of the KISS iOS music apps that just does one simple thing and has a learning … [Read more...]

Audiomux and Midimux giveaway – 5 copies of iOS-OSX MIDI+audio integration apps from AppBC up for grabs

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I've covered both Audiomux and Midimux here on the blog over the last couple of weeks. Provided you are using a recent release of OSX on your desktop computer, between them, these two iOS apps allow you to send both MIDI and audio in both directions between an iOS device and a computer running OSX using nothing more than the standard USB-to-Lightning (or 30-pin) cable supplied with your iDevice. Using both apps together (and the relevant OSX ‘server’ apps on your Mac; these are available as a … [Read more...]