iMPC Pro update – Retronyms/Akai app also at intro pricing

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The Retronyms/Akai iOS music app collaboration iMPC Pro received an update at the end of last week taking the app to v.1.1. This was mostly minor fixes but it did include some improvements to the Inter App Audio support and, usefully, the ability to delete samples. iMPC Pro was been around for a few weeks now but I have not, as yet, had a chance to dig deeply enough into the app to write up a review (I'll put that right as soon as I can). However, Doug over at thesoundtestroom has posted a … [Read more...]

Mitosynth update – hybrid iOS synth from Wooji Juice Ltd gets new features

Mitosynth logo

Wooji Juice's Mitosynth iOS music app has been with us for just over a month now and I was very impressed with the app when I reviewed it a few weeks ago on the blog. Mitosynth looks great, sounds great (especially if you are into sound design and sound textures) and plays nicely with other iOS music apps via Audiobus. It also provides a novel set of sound design tools that, while easy to use, provide a tremendous amount of flexibility for the keen programmer. It might not be my … [Read more...]

Take update – Propellerhead’s minimalist multi-track app gets some tweaks

Take logo

I posted a review of Propellerhead's new Take app a few days ago. Take - or to give it its full title, Take Creative Vocal Recorder - is an interesting little app. It is a three-track audio recorder with a bunch of preset, tempo-adjustable, rhythm/drum loops that can be added as a fourth track if you prefer a beat to record to or add some rhythmic interest. You can create a new song, select a track, hit record and – without much more fuss – sing (or play a guitar) into your iPhone’s mic to … [Read more...]

Launchpad news – new EDM sample set and iPhone support

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I posted a full review of Novation's Launchpad when it was first released back in spring 2013. For those that like to mix and match loops as a creative music making option, Launchpad is a brilliant concept and, as the basic app is free to download, you can give it a try without having to make any commitment to a long term relationship. On first release, the main catch was that you were limited to either the initial included loop content (which was very good but obviously limited in terms of … [Read more...]

AltiSpace giveaway – five copies of new convolution reverb app from Igor Vasiliev up for grabs

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I reviewed Igor Vasiliev's excelent new iOS music app - AltiSpace - here on the blog last week. AltiSpace provides a convolution-based reverb effect app. It comes supplied with a huge collection of IRs culled from some of the classic hardware reverb units that fetch mega-prices on the second hand market and, while managing to maintain a pretty reasonable demand for precious CPU cycles on your iOS device, it delivers fabulous results. You can also import other IRs if you have access to them (and … [Read more...]

Caramel review – distortion effect app from Holderness Media

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If you are a dedicated iOS music app fan then you will probably already be familiar with Christopher Rice and the range of audio effects apps he has created for iOS musicians under his Holderness Media moniker. These included Echo Pad, Swoopster, Stereo Designer and Crystalline; all are insanely cheap, wonderfully creative (thanks to the rather nifty user interface that share many common features between the various apps) and are great for both live performance and recording tasks. The audio … [Read more...]

XK-1 review – One Red Dog make things easy with streamlined synth

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Developer One Red Dog Media have been around on the App Store for some time. They have released a number of iOS music apps including Arctic Keys and Molten Drum Machine. However, my favourite app is Arctic ProSynth which I reviewed when it was first launched back in late September 2013. Arctic ProSynth is a very clever bit of design; it has a clean user interface that strikes a good balance between enough features to keep the programmers happy but without being so busy that wannabe synth … [Read more...]

Audulus update – modular synthesis app from Subatomic Software goes to v.2.8

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As any experienced iOS musician will be aware, like their desktop equivalents, software synths for iOS come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and serve different needs. At their most basic, you get what are essentially preset machines that offer a broad palette of sounds but little by way of user programmability (sample-based ‘synths’ that perhaps just offer a few tweaks; perfectly useable but maybe not very flexible). Perhaps more interesting – at least to those with a keener interest in … [Read more...]