XK-1 review – One Red Dog make things easy with streamlined synth

XK-1 logo

Developer One Red Dog Media have been around on the App Store for some time. They have released a number of iOS music apps including Arctic Keys and Molten Drum Machine. However, my favourite app is Arctic ProSynth which I reviewed when it was first launched back in late September 2013. Arctic ProSynth is a very clever bit of design; it has a clean user interface that strikes a good balance between enough features to keep the programmers happy but without being so busy that wannabe synth … [Read more...]

Audulus update – modular synthesis app from Subatomic Software goes to v.2.8

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As any experienced iOS musician will be aware, like their desktop equivalents, software synths for iOS come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and serve different needs. At their most basic, you get what are essentially preset machines that offer a broad palette of sounds but little by way of user programmability (sample-based ‘synths’ that perhaps just offer a few tweaks; perfectly useable but maybe not very flexible). Perhaps more interesting – at least to those with a keener interest in … [Read more...]

VocaLive update – IK Multimedia add new IAP with DAW features

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It was nearly 12 months ago when I first reviewed IK Multimedia's VocaLive app. I looked at the iPad version but there is also a version for iPhone (VocaLive is not a universal app; the iPhone version has slightly different features). On both platforms, however, the intention is the same; to provide an all-in-one vocal processing suite aimed primarily (as the title suggests) at vocalists playing live but, because the app also supports both Audiobus and IAA, it is equally at home in the iOS … [Read more...]

Take review – Creative Vocal Recorder app from Propellerhead

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A few weeks ago I put an article on ‘mastering your muse’ in the ‘Getting Started’ section of the blog. This piece looked at how you could put together a small collection of key apps on your iPhone and that would act as an ‘ever ready’ toolkit. You know... something for those moments when an idea hits and you need to capture it before the next inevitable distraction from daily life slaps you in the face and whips the idea away. Of course, my own personal list of iPhone (always in my pocket) … [Read more...]

HarmonyWiz review – automatic harmony generation from Wizdom Music

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Musicians come in all shapes and sizes and from all sorts of backgrounds. I started by bashing out rock guitar riffs on a beat-up acoustic guitar and, while I had a few lessons in my teens (Brian, you tried), my grasp of music theory has always been tenuous to say the least. That’s changed a little over recent years as my interest in music-to-picture work has developed and I’ve learnt a little bit about (for example) orchestration. No, I’m not about to starting writing symphonies or rock … [Read more...]

AltiSpace review – new convolution reverb app from Igor Vasiliev

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If you have an iOS-based recording habit of any long-standing then you will probably be very familiar with the iOS music apps developed by Igor Vasiliev under his iMusicAlbum label. I’ve reviewed a number of these apps in the past – Audio Mastering, Master FX and Master Record – and they all are well worth owning. Audio Mastering gave us the first stand-alone app for, well…  audio mastering since you ask. It does a great job at a great price and can achieve some pretty remarkable results in … [Read more...]

Apollo Remote Recorder – new app coming from Secret Base Design

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I'm a big fan of what Patrick Madden - head-bod at Secret Base Design - is doing for us iOS musicians. Patrick's apps - MIDImorphosis, Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth, Double Decker, Nice To Be You Friend and VoxKit - all bring something very useful to the 'music utility' category of iOS music apps. They are also all very reasonably priced and so accessible to pretty much everyone. Patrick has a new app that is now very close to release - Apollo Remote Recorder - and, like Patrick's other apps, … [Read more...]

Bargain time – Igor Vasiliev’s iOS music apps on limited-time sale as AltiSpace launches

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Regular readers here will be very familiar with indie developer Igor Vasiliev and his excellent range of iOS music apps. These include Master Record, Audio Mastering and Master FX, all of which I have reviewed previously here on the blog. Yesterday, Igor launched a new iOS music app - AltiSpace - a convolution-based reverb effect. I hope to have a full review of this app online later today. However, do note that all of Igor's other iOS music apps are currently on a limited-time sale at … [Read more...]