Diode-108 update – Vibrant Digital Engineering apply some tweaks to their excellent drum machine app

Diode-108 logo

I posted a full review of Diode-108 Drum Machine from Vibrant Digital Engineering when it was first released and I've covered the updates since then. Diode-108 is – in a virtual sense at least – a ‘classic’ drum machine. It features sample-based drum sounds (you can combine 16 samples to make a full kit) and a pattern-based approach (patterns are a fairly standard 16 steps in length). Patterns can then be chained into a sequence to form a full song. Patterns can be programmed via a pattern grid … [Read more...]

LORENTZ Polyphonic Synthesizer released – iceWorks add a further iOS synth app to their app collection

lorentz logo 1

I've said it before - and I'm sure most appaholic iOS musicians will have thought it on numerous occasions - but does the App Store (and, more specifically, the iOS music making marketplace) have room for any more synth apps? If there is a category of iOS music app that is abundantly well-stuffed already, then this must surely be it? That doesn't, however, seem to stop 'em coming and the latest addition to the multitude of choices is LORENTZ Polyphonic Synthesizer from developer iceWorks. … [Read more...]

Tap Delay review – VirSyn bring something old and something new to iOS delay effects

tap delay logo 1

Whether you are a desktop musician or an iOS musician (or both), VirSyn are unlikely to need much by way of introduction. For iOS music makers, VirSyn have an impressive array of iOS music apps in their current catalogue including Tera Synth, AudioReverb and Harmony Voice; all are well worth exploring. The latest addition –Tap Delay – was launched last week and, as the name suggests, is a delay-based audio effect. The ethos of the design brings something old in that the aim of Tap Delay is to … [Read more...]

SynthMaster Player update – further tweaks from KV331 Audio to their iPad synth preset player

SynthMaster Player logo

A couple of months ago, I reviewed SynthMaster Player from KV331 Audio. The SynthMaster line exists on the desktop in a plugin format and includes both the ‘Player’ version (abound the US$30 mark) that has now been ported to iOS and the ‘full’ version that is both more expensive (starting at about US$129) but also fully programmable. The iOS ‘Player’ version is a free download as includes 100 preset sounds and you get 100 more when you register the app (done via the Menu button). However, … [Read more...]

Music Touch update – Ars Nova Software add new activities to their iPad music education app

Musica Touch logo

I’ve looked at quite a number of iOS music apps that fall into the ‘utility’ category and these have included a number of training or educational apps. While it has been around on the App Store for around 12 months, one app that I reviewed recently, and falls very much in that bracket, is Musica Touch by developer Ars Nova Software. Now, I’m embarrassed to confess that my own ability to deal with black dots is pretty poor. I learned to play the guitar by ear and, while I’m not to bad when … [Read more...]

Gumdrops update – iOS beat-making drum machine gets Audiobus Remote support – and ON SALE

gumdrops logo

I finally got a round to doing a full review of Gumdrops from Hanson Interactive a couple of months ago despite the app actually having been on the App Store since August last year…  I'm glad I did - but also kicking myself that it took my quite so long to discover the app - as Gumdrops is actually rather good :-) Gumdrops sort of borrows an approach to drum 'programming' that is hinted at in Properllerhead's Figure but taken here to a rather wonderful conclusion. So, the interface presents … [Read more...]

Hexaglyphics Noise Geneator updated – ‘legacy’ modes added to iOS noise generator app

Hexaglyphics logo

Hexaglyphics Noise Generator has created quite a buzz (doh!) prior to its launch particularly among the more experimentally minded iOS musicians or sound design fans. The app is produced by Nicola Pisanti from Phantom Devices and is a described as a 13-bit noise generator featuring a touchscreen interface that uses gestures to create various types of noise. As I posted previously, Hexaglyphics hit the App Store at the end of April. The app requires iOS7 or later, is iPad only and is a tiny … [Read more...]

Musyc Pro update – Fingerlab rework their generative iOS music app

musyc logo

Musyc Pro (UK£2.99) is made by Fingerlab – the developers behind one of my very favourite iOS drum machines (and one I also use under OSX); DM1 – so we know it is coming with some pedigree. As with some of the other generative music apps described above, the interface is all about music creation though touchscreen control and creating patterns/objects on the touchscreen that, in some way, cause music to be generated. So far, so normal(ish)… the novel element is that those objects seem to use … [Read more...]

Mitosynth update – hybrid iOS synth from Wooji Juice Ltd gets some tweaks

Mitosynth logo

Wooji Juice's Mitosynth iOS music app has been with us for just over a month now and I was very impressed with the app when I reviewed it just after it was released. Mitosynth looks great, sounds great (especially if you are into sound design and sound textures) and plays nicely with other iOS music apps via Audiobus. It also provides a novel set of sound design tools that, while easy to use, provide a tremendous amount of flexibility for the keen programmer. It might not be my recommendation … [Read more...]